The Presotea Taste

Different from regular bubble tea shops that brew tea in a bulk bucket, Presotea insists on brewing tea by adopting the high-end espresso machine to keep the best flavour and sweetness. Presotea (鮮茶道) also develops a wide range of tea menu to fulfill all kinds of demand. Completely overthrowing conventional tea-brewing method, drinking freshly brewed tea makes you healthier.

Pure Natural Tea

Presotea (鮮茶道) owns professional tea knowledge, the unique tea roasting technology and tea extraction and brewing skill. In addition, the tea selected is only high quality tea including Jasmine green tea, Oolong tea, Sencha green tea, Darjeeling tea…etc. Hopefully, every tea drinker would enjoy a perfect and fresh cup of tea at affordable price.

Our Origin

New Brewing Technology

Presotea (鮮茶道) is unique and different from the present tea beverage market. We have invented a new tea brewing technology by using high-temperature and high-pressure machine to extract the essence of tea; thus every customer can enjoy the fresh tea flavor and the bittersweet after-taste.

Extensive Range

After years of research and development, Presotea (鮮茶道) has an extensive range of unique tea related beverages to offer to our customers. Every cup of tea is freshly made in front of our customers, which gives us an added advantage over our competitors.

Freshly Made

Presotea (鮮茶道) insists on providing the freshness as well as a healthier way of drinking tea. A healthy bubble tea that you can only find in Presotea.