Summer Limited Series

Seasonal Presotea New Summer Limited Series! Grab your favourite one and cool yourself down on this hot summer day!🏖️☀️ 🍊 Grapefruit Yogurt Punch 🍋 Lemon Yogurt Punch 💖 Dragon Fruit Lychee Slush w/ Aloe 🥭 Mango Banana Slush w/ Aloe *Available at participating Presotea stores in Ontario and Quebec only. Back to News & Promo

New Crème Series

Seasonal Presotea New Crème Series Who’s ready for the summer?🙌 Our New Crème Series is officially launched today! 6 new flavours to choose from! 🍵 Matcha Crème Tornado 🥭Tropical Crème Slush 🍠 Purple Potato Coconut Crème Tornado ☁️ Cheese Foam Crème Milk Tea 🍫 Cocoa Banana Crème Slush 🥤 Roasted Crème Pearl Milk Tea Back … Read more

Spring Seasonal Special

Seasonal Drink 🌸 Spring Seasonal Special 🌸 Spring Seasonal Special Let’s celebrate the upcoming spring with our colourful Seasonal Special!🌈 Time to brighten up your mind with some colours today!✨ 🌸 Honey Aloe Vera 🌸 Dragon Fruit Lychee Slush w/ Aloe 🌸 Passion Fruit w/ Aloe 🌸 Aloe Vera Lychee Slush 🌸 Fresh Lychee w/ … Read more

Crème Series

Seasonal Drink Crème Series Pudding Boba Crème Milk Tea Roasted Crème Pearl Milk Tea Cocoa Banana Crème Slush Matcha Honeydew Crème Slush Strawberry Crème Slush Taro Crème Slush Back to News & Promo

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